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Real Product Talk

"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." - Thomas Jefferson

With Real Product Talk our focus is on getting you real honest product testing & secret shopping results. We don't just let anyone become a tester, and we don't charge membership fees so if there's a breach of terms we can act swiftly and keep our group quality centered. We work hard to confirm our members follow ALL TOS and Guidelines for reviews across several major platforms, and even go a step further to ensure no address sharing or other situations that get volunteered reviews deleted. Our goal is quality, REAL honest responses, that stick and does not turn away organic buyers.

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Service & Product Testers

What's different about ours?

We feel our members are the core of what makes our business great. We hand pick them and offer continued education on topics like Understanding Terms of Service and Guidelines, Adding Photos and Videos To Reviews, and What Makes a Well Written Review. They take pride in their work, and we do too.

  • RESPECT - Our members know this isn't a "get free stuff" group. We have cultivated a culture of respect for product owners and their investments. We have an almost 100% feedback completion rate. 

  • HAND PICKED - We don't allow just anyone to become a member of our group. We are a private group run almost exclusively by referrals. Our members are professional writers, parents, firefighters, hypnotists, food connoisseurs, and more. We work hard to ensure they are up to the writing standards we hold as well as double checking that they know and adhere to TOS and Guidelines across several of the largest selling platforms. 

Tester Inquiry

Are you interested in joining us?

If you can show a history of honest, helpful feedback and are interested in becoming a tester, please apply for membership to our beginner's group by clicking "Apply To Join".

Only US residents who are not currently selling on any of our platforms can apply.

Secret Shoppers

Proven, Safe, Effective Results

Have you ever wondered what authentic local customers think about your business or product? Do you want to get real feedback in a way that both boosts your business and protects you from negative reviews? We can do that for you with proven, safe, effective results! 

About Us

"Identity is the cause; brand is the effect." - Larry Ackerman

Friends since 2008 and business partners since 2014, we share a passion for growing our business organically and through the right channels. We strive to offer a high-quality service that continues to help sellers & developers reach their goals.

Behind The Scenes with Our Team

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous" - Bill Moyers

Nicole Marie

I'm a firm believer that great customer service is key to the success of any small business, and it's my goal to provide you with the best. I've always been a supporter of "the little guy" and with my background in Organizational Management, and my natural creative drive, you'll find that I'm incredibly dedicated to helping you succeed.


Sarah Elizabeth

Sharing my passion is more of a character trait than a skill set for me. Marketing and sales have always come naturally - I just love to share with others when I have had a positive experience. This business has offered me the ability to help sellers grow and become more visible, get members awesome products at an unbeatable cost, and got me a daily dose of "Thank you" from both. What more could I ask for?

Our Team

Where can we serve you?

Getting You Noticed

Whether it be reviews on Target, Walmart, eBay, Jet, HSN, William Sonoma, Facebook, Etsy, Google, or your own personal webpage - we can create a review promotion that's perfect for your goals on almost any selling platform. Looking for something beyond product testing or secret shopper promotions? Ask us, we will try our best to accommodate any requests.

What do we offer?

Let Us Handle Everything

What we want to offer is the ability to create custom promotions that make you comfortable and confident. From controlling the flow of product distribution to shipping directly to the tester we offer many options. Alternatively, if you aren't sure what you're looking for specifically, we have a tried and true standard service that has proven results over and over.


You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Our Clients

What do they say about us?

We care a lot about our clients, and we work hard in order to keep them ahead of the curve. Each of our clients receives hands-on, personalized service, specifically tailored to their each and every need. We want all of our clients to achieve their goals, and then some. Check out the reviews below, and imagine your company on this list soon.

Client 5

Craig, Product Owner

“I hope to be in need of your service again soon.”

Hi Nicole & Sarah

A quick note to thank you and your group for the reviews of the Lunch Box and Car Seat Organizer that were recently posted on Amazon. The reviews are thoughtful, original and clearly written by people who have used the products. I was impressed by the variety of comments and the detail of the reviews.

I recently tried another review group that approached me through Amazon and had a very poor experience. Your group delivers on the promise and I can't ask for more than that. Please pass on my sincere thanks to those who contributed. 

I hope to be in need of your service again soon.

Client 2

Will, Product Owner

“You really have set the bar...”

Hi Nicole & Sarah,


Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that of the reviews that have come in on our 5 items so far, I am blown away by the quality of them. Really well written and descriptive, and clever incorporation of the 'discount disclaimer'. Quite a few photos too which is fantastic.


You really have set the bar for how reviews should be written and no other review group in the world, in my opinion, delivers better than what I have seen. Just strengthens my desire to tell everyone I know in the Amazon seller community to use your service!


Thanks for your ongoing support and the great job you are doing.

Connect With Us

If you're ready to learn more about what we can offer you specifically, or how our services can be tailored to your needs please take a moment to email us using the form here. If you're ready to take the next step and get started now, fill out the form below and we'll start right away. We look forward to hearing from you, and promise to get back to you as promptly as we can.

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